Do you have computer mouse arm? Do your wrists, elbows or shoulder hurt after long computer sessions? If so, it might be time to invest in an ergonomic computer mouse! In this post, we will walk through 4 benefits of using an ergonomic computer mouse. 


1) Ergonomic computer mice are designed for comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. They do this by reducing the range of motion needed to click, scroll and perform other essential functions.


2) Ergonomically designed computer mice can help people with arthritis by reducing pressure on their joints. Ergonomic mice allow for a more natural hand position than traditional mice, which in turn allows hand muscles to be more stretched out and relaxed.

For the same reasons as mentioned above (reduced range of motion, reduced joint pressure and more natural hand position), ergonomic mice reduce hand fatigue in users without carpal tunnel or arthritis.


3) Ergonomic computer mice, such as the Soho, are user-customizable which can make using them more comfortable and more efficient. Being able to adjust the DPI, or dots per inch, of a computer mouse allows you to control the sensitivity of the mouse. Do you have three screens and often need to move large distances across them? You may prefer higher DPI sensitivity. Are you creating intricate web illustrations using graphic software? You may prefer lower DPI.


4) Using an ergonomic mouse promotes good posture while working at a desk. Mice such as the Soho Wireless Mouse are designed to be used from the natural, neutral arm position which results from good posture. Since the mouse is more comfortable to use in this position, it subtlety encourages users to straighten their posture.


If you spend a lot of time on the computer, it’s important to take care of your body. An ergonomic mouse can help promote good posture and avoid hand pain by easing strain on wrists, elbows and shoulders after long periods of time at your desk.


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