The TrueView 2.0 HD Webcam is a portable, reliable and affordable option for hosting and participating in webinars, chatting with friends, or recording any kind of audio or video from your computer. 


Why So Popular?

With nearly all interaction, both personal and professional, shifting to a remote, digital format in the past year, the need for high-quality webcams grew immensely. The TrueView Webcam was introduced as a result of this need, and quickly became one of Tangelo’s most popular products. 


Need More Screen Real Estate?

Nearly all high-end webcams now come in 1080p Full HD resolution, but one of the unique features of the TrueView is the 85 degree wide-angle lense. Have you ever video chatted on your phone and seen that your face fills up almost all of the screen? The wide angle on the TrueView solves the narrow lense angle conundrum, and allows you to video chat at a much more natural angle and position. This feature is especially valuable for sales professionals who incorporate products into their virtual calls, because with TrueView they suddenly have the screen real estate to show off multiple products at once.


Say Goodbye to Compatibility Concerns

Easy to use and compatible with Windows, Mac and Android. Tangelo’s goal with each product is to promote simplicity, so, with TrueView, gone are the days of needing to manually install drivers in order for the camera to perform flawlessly. Simply plug the USB-A camera connection into your computer and be ready to video chat.


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