How Do You Pronounce Tangelo?

The Webster-Merriam Dictionary provides the phonetic spelling of Tangelo as tan-jə-ˌlō. If you’re like us, that pronunciation doesn’t mean a whole lot. Here at Tangelo, we say tan·juh·low, but feel free to pronounce it however you’d like to - trust us, we’ll understand who you're talking about.


The Meaning Behind the Name

Tangelo fruits widely vary in overall size and flavor profiles, but they are easily recognizable by their necked down base. The same is true for Tangelo Tech products - there is wide variety in the product line, but each product is unquestionably recognizable as Tangelo due to each product’s sleek design, innovative functions, integrated safety features and ease of use.


Thoughts and Comments

How do you pronounce Tangelo? Let us know in the comments - we’d love to hear your take on our name.


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